Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Just saying Hello


I'm Judi Meppershall, and I thought I'd take the time to introduce myself in advance of the release of The Accidental Guru some time soon. I'm one of The Gang and also, in truth, the Accidental Guru herself. I didn't mean it to happen but, as usual with my friend, Aurora, little things soon get out of hand and, from giving one lecture as a bet, I suddenly found myself motivating the Menopause Generation.

Aurora and I first met at university almost thirty years ago. Believe it or not, I fell pregnant at my graduation party so, whilst Aurora hit the London audition circuit, I got married and had four children.

I'm still married to Neil, my knight in shining bifocals, and we live in Nottingham with our two daughters, Grace and Hannah, the boys having flown the nest.

At antenatal class I met my two other best friends, Paula and Mel. Paula's the sensible one and a bit of a Domestic Goddess whilst Mel's funny, talkative and the kindest person I know.

After a few years in London, Aurora reappeared in Nottingham with the News of the World and a disgraced junior minister in tow (don't ask). She quickly became the fourth member of The Gang and we meet up at least once a month to drink too much wine and generally laugh and bitch our way through too many calories.

The Accidental Guru is our story - what happened to us all over six tumultuous months and they way life took us in different directions whilst bringing us even closer together.

Bye for now, Judi