Friday, 17 July 2009

A quick update

Whilst the weather outside is the wrong side of awful, storm clouds are brewing as Laura finally brings our story to a close. I obviously know how it's all going to end but I've sneeked a peak and the final chapters are packed full of suprises, tears and fun.

In the penulitimate chapter, Mel's son's disappeared and isn't answering his phone. Aurora is just packing her suitcase for a weekend in London where she has some auditions lined up but she ends up in a role she never anticipated. Meanwhile, Paula is in for a shock that turns her life upside down and from which there's no going back.

And as for me, I'm off up to London too (although Aurora doesn't know yet) and I'm about to receive some very good news indeed. Finally I can pay back Neil in a five star way.

So hang on for just a while longer (I know I've been saying this for ages) but the light is at the end of the tunnel. For at least one of us, that light is an oncoming train. Life for all of us is going to be very topsy turvy before it eventually calms down

Judi xxx