Monday, 28 February 2011

Colin, we love you

Aurora Sheridan, actress and radio presenter, is beside herself with excitement over Colin Firth's Oscar win last night. She hosted a drinks party so Paula, Mel and I could watch the results with her and we had a great time sitting up until the early hours drinking champagne and bitching about the dresses.

As you might imagine, Aurora peppered the commentary with many theatrical anecdotes of her own - most of which were highly questionable, if not downright slanderous. She's currently working on her memoirs entitled My Life In The Spotlight which, to be frank, makes her appearance in a yoghurt commercial sound like an Oscar-nominated role. Never one to live life with a matte finish, she gives everything her own special gloss.

One thing you have to say about Aurora Sheridan, she's never been short of self-esteem.

Knowing that we'd be feeling tender today, we all stayed over in Aurora's penthouse apartment and took the day off work. Paula's done us proud with home-made muffins for breakfast whilst Mel is throwing back the black coffee like nobody's business.

May I therefore ask you to raise your own glass of orange juice to His Royal Highness Colin Firth, who's come a very long way since that wet shirt. God save the King!

Love Judi xxx