Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Time for a moan

Laura probably won't thank me for using this blog to talk about Paula's husband, Dennis, but something just has to be said!

He's giving Paula such a hard time about going back to work full time when anyone can see how much she's enjoying it. She's blossomed since joining the gallery, and she's wonderful at her job, but all Dennis does in moan about the dusting not being up to standard and his suits being stuck at the dry cleaners.

Quite frankly, I don't know how she puts up with him. He's stuffy, opinionated and my Neil says he could bore for England. The other husbands dread getting together with him whenever Paula invites us round for one of her famous barbecues. I think Paula's a saint because I would have told Dennis a few home truths by now, had he been my husband.

The real issue is, he's madly jealous about Paula working with the absolutely gorgeous Charles Waddington (think George Clooney on a good hair day) but the way Dennis is carrying on, it's enough to drive Paula straight into Charles's arms.

Whether she ends up there is all part of the story so you'll have to read The Accidental Guru to find out. Should be with you very soon. But read the first two chapters for free as a starter.

Off to Sainsburys now, followed by a trip to the waste dump with the garden rubbish. I tell you, the life of a motivational guru is all glamour!

Speak soon, Judi xxx