Sunday, 7 December 2008

Hi. I'm Mel

Anyone who knows me will say that I'll tell my life story to someone at a bus stop. But when someone asks you to introduce yourself....

So here goes.

I'm ten years younger than the rest of the Gang and met them at the ante natal group. I was only fifteen when I fell pregnant and the rest of the girls were so kind to me - they sort of adopted me and have been mother hens ever since. I love all three of them like sisters.

So, whilst everyone was taking their GCSEs I was a new mum and getting ready to marry Lester Harper, my baby's father. Lester was only 21 himself at the time with little or no prospects. Sad to say, he fulfilled this early lack of promise! He's now a jobbing builder and our eldest, Tony, works with him (or, in Lester's case, avoids work wherever possible).

My daughter is 16 and a very clever girl - I can't believe I was pregnant at her age - she seems so young. I also have another son, John, who's 20 and has a lovely kind heart. There was no money for college so he's taking an environmental sciences degree with the Open University. All this studying has set me thinking that I ought to return to school to get some sort of education - I don't want to spend the rest of my life slicing bacon!!

My share of the story in The Accidental Guru is a particularly difficult one and I couldn't have got through it without my sister friends, Judi, Paula and Aurora. Why not download the first chapter for free and see how it all started.

I hear Aurora's introducing herself next. Hold on to your hats!

Love Mel xxx