Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Paula's Polish Cake

This is a recipe given to me by my mother-in-law and it never fails to please! I don't know whether this is pronounced Polish (as in the nationality) or polish (as in polished-off). My advice is to double the quantities given here as it disappears far too quickly.

100g margarine
2 dessert spoons golden syrup
1 dessert spoon sugar
2 dessert spoons cocoa
100g chocolate
200g digestive biscuits

Put all ingredients, except for the biscuits, into a large saucepan and melt together over a gentle heat.

Tip the biscuits into a sturdy plastic bag and roughly crush with a rolling pin, leaving large and small pieces.

Stir the broken biscuits into the chocolate mixture then pour into a greased tin. Leave to set in the refridgerator. Cut into small squares to serve.

Delicious but utterly fatal for the waistline! Check back soon for more recipes.

Paula xxx

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Amy said...

Hi Laura,
This is off topic, but I wanted to thank you for the author recommendations in the comment that you posted to my blog. I will definitely check them out! I love Maeve Binchy, and have also been wanting to check out Dorothea Benton. I recommend Anne Rivers Siddons - she writes a lot of cozy gossipy books about southern families and the secrets that they hide! Anyway, thanks for visiting my blog, and best of luck with "The Accidental Guru"!

Laura Essendine said...

Hi Amy.
It's always great to hear from people - on or off topic. I'll look out for the authors you mention - I love books with secrets. The Accidental Guru has loads.

Speak soon.


Real Live Lesbian said...

That sounds HEAVENLY! But dangerous. Way too dangerous with that quick prep time!

Laura Essendine said...

RLL - you have no idea how good this cake is. You can feel your teeth rot as you eat it. Not good for the weight conscious.

But we all need an occasional treat.

Paula and Laura x