Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Two chapters posted on Authonomy

I've finally worked out how to post the early chapters of The Accidental Guru to Authonomy.

Why not follow the link and pop across there right now to take a look at this extended preview? You don't need to be an author and you don't need to join Authonomy to see the book.

However, if you want to comment or post to the forum, you'll need to log in. There are lots of great, unpublished books up there to read for free and thoughtful critique is always welcome.

If you cast your vote, it'll push The Accidental Guru up the rankings and give it a much greater chance of being read by the editors at Harper Collins.

If you've already downloaded and enjoyed The Accidental Guru, look out for me on Facebook or email me direct with your comments at laura dot essendine at gmail dot com.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Laura Essendine xx

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