Thursday, 9 December 2010

Hello again

As it's been so long since you first met "The Gang" I thought it would be a good idea to re-introduce you to the stars of THE ACCIDENTAL GURU, the forthcoming novel from Laura Essendine - funny, heart-breaking, romantic and restoring your faith in friendship. A book to snuggle up with and wallow in.

Judi, Aurora, Mel and Paula have been friends for over twenty years; supporting each other from ante-natal classes to university applications. Until their lives change irrevocably over six months.

Paula – perfect housekeeper and pillar of the community who's thrown into emotional and domestic chaos by the death of her mother and the reappearance of Charles Waddington.

Mel – whose three children undergo tests for a fatal, genetic condition but only she appreciates the devastation the results will bring.

Aurora – failed actress, radio presenter and self-proclaimed sex-goddess who refuses to relinquish either her youth, or her hold on a succession of toy-boys, until a young American forces her to expose a past that she’d buried long ago.

Judi – who'd abandoned her dreams to travel and write when she fell pregnant at university. Twenty-five years and four children later, she unwittingly becomes a motivational guru for The Menopause Generation. The media attention and book advance turn her dreams into reality but success is marred by Aurora’s jealousy and increasing alienation.

Is it possible to turn your past into your future and, if you do, will it be everything you’d hoped for, or the one thing you were always afraid of?

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